COVID Policy and Procedure

RTOs are required to have documented training and assessment strategies that align to actual practice. Where delivery modes change from face-to-face to distance delivery, the strategies must also be updated.

ASQA recommends that all adaptive measures in response to COVID-19 are documented in the relevant students’ records. This includes adaptive measures relating to the National Code, the Standards for RTOs or the ELICOS Standards, and applies to:

▪ variations to documented delivery strategies

▪ student ‘attendance’

▪ limitations of online course delivery (particularly for overseas students)

▪ other areas where action is required to assist students.


The RTO must document reasons why an international student may be unable to meet their 20 hours of attendance requirements.




This document pertains to all qualifications registered on ANIBT’s scope


Delivery mode


During a period of lockdown and where permitted by our governing body ANIBT with continue delivery of theory components of units online.


Online requirements for student


Please refer to the information documents pertaining to the requirements for a student to continue to study online.

Schedule 1 and 2 at end of this document.

If a student does not have access to or able to attend an online class ANIBT will provide on loan the necessary technical support needed.

Students will be timetabled for 3 zoom sessions each weeks over a period of 2 and one half days.

Attendance at these sessions will be compulsory and students are required to show face on camera during the sessions.

Students will be expected to complete all assessment activities and submit by the due by dates listed on their timetables, informed by trainers and listed on the front pages of the assessments on CANVAS.


Resources available to students


Students will have access to all resources required to complete each unit via the SLS CANVAS

Trainers will be available for students via emails and private face to face zoom sessions if required during the 2 10 hours day sessions that the students are timetabled each week.


Student support available


Students will be required to sign a document that they are able to and available to be trained online.  If a student does not wish to following this line of learning they may suspend until face to face delivery resumes.

Students are emailed weekly to ask if they have any concerns and the trainer will request the feedback each ZOOM sessions with regards to any concerns.

Students are encouraged to talk with trainer and student services if they are have difficulties academic or personally.


Monitoring student progress/ attendance


Students are informed during the registration process of the requirements for attendance and then it is further reinforced by the trainers in ZOOM sessions.

Attendance is monitored and recorded by trainees at the beginning and end of each ZOOM sessions and a screen short is taken during the session as proof of attendance

All ZOOM sessions are recorded - this further supports the recording of attendance and learner activities and engagement..


Technology available for online delivery and assessment


Refer to Schedule 1 and 2 at end of document

Due to the nature of online learning a trainer is able to support a higher number of students in a classroom situation. The trainer will always be available for one to one sessions if a student has concerns.


Delivery strategy


ANIBT will only be delivering the theory components of units - all practical components will be put on hold until the resumption of face to face learning - it is only then all practical components of all units will be finalized.

Students may continue with future further units for their current qualification or future qualifications in order to maintain their 20 hours of attendance.

ANIBT envisage that there will be little difference in the trainers delivery of theory components be it online or face to face - but do expect more use may be made of videos and websites that have information to reinforce training.


Methods of assessment


All written assessments will remain the same - any assessment that requires a student to demonstrate or give a presentation will be supported by video and an observation checklist.


Theory – assessment will be conducted via ANIBT’s SLS CANVAS


Practical components – if an assessment can be recorded and effectively meets the requires then it will be.

All practical components of the Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery and Patisserie will be suspended and put on hold until they can be concluded face to face.

Students in the Hotel Operations stream will have their Work Based Training term suspended and so the assessment of the practical components of their units will be put on hold until back to face to face.


Reasonable adjustment - ANIBT do not envisage that this will be required - however if the need arises it will be addressed and implemented.


Work Placement


All placements to suspended - and students may undertake units that are expected to be delivered later in the qualification.  They may even undertake units in a future qualification



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