Online Registration

Welcome to the ANIBT Online Registration. We aim to make this registration process as easy as possible for our students.
Please note that it is imperative that you follow the instructions provided and complete all the forms in the document.

Failure to complete the tasks will result in a delay in your starting your course.

If you have any issues, please email and for assistance.


Complete the LLN Test in your ANIBT FORMS. To complete this test you will need to download and read the following.

1. ANIBT Orientation 2024

2. Welcome to ANIBT 2024


This is a language, Literacy and Numeracy test - a requirement of our government regulator - all students must complete it


Please complete the LLN test

You have 60 mins to complete the LLN test


Please complete Student Acknowledgement Form
You have 60 mins to complete the form

Please note: You need to have an authorisation code to start BOTH tests, code will be provided on the Orientation Day. The test result will be considered valid ONLY if the correct code is used. If the code is incorrect, you won't be able to start the test. 


Please note that you are required to have a Laptop Computer or Device to undertake your studies at ANIBT.

Please read the following information so you understand your Laptop Computer or Device requirements to undertake your studies at ANIBT.

a). Zoom Technical Requirements

b). Canvas Technical Requirements