Fees, Payments, and Refund Policy and Procedure

Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 

Standard 5.3, 7.3, 7.4, 8.5

National Code 2018

Standard 3, 13

Fees, Payments, and Refund Policy and Procedure 


ANIBT is a fee for service provider and as such fees and refunds are important factors to all ANIBT stakeholders. As a RTO, ANIBT is proactive in managing receipts of student fees and payments such as refunds, risk management, and meeting business cash flow requirements for day-to-day operations to ensure viability as a training institution.

Accommodate student needs in extraordinary circumstances:

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Fees Collections 

  1. Students are required to pay their tuition and material fees (see letter of offer and individual course guides) if applicable for their first term if applying on shore and their first 2 terms if applying offshore. This payment is to be made when they accept the letter of offer.
  2. Future invoices will be issued in week 5 of each term and are to be paid by close of business (5pm) on Friday of week 7 of said term.
  3. Invoices with due dates for payment will be sent to students’ ANIBT email addresses; and payment reminders posted on noticeboards.
  4. Failure to pay any instalment will result in a fine (clause 8) and possible cessation of studies (clause 10). (see below for further details)
  5. For payment methods, refer to Student Fees Payment Options Policy.
  6. Payment plans or extensions are only possible with permission from the CEO.
  7. A CoE will only be issued when the first instalment fee has been paid upon acceptance of the letter of offer.
  8. A $200 late penalty will apply for late fee payments (refer to published dates).
  9. A credit balance in any one instalment will not be refunded, except in circumstances where the credit balance has been deemed as an over payment of the total course fee as per the Student’s Agreement.
  10. If a student has not made their invoiced payments by the due date, they will be invoiced a for a late penalty payment. If the student has not made the payment by close of business on the last Friday before the commencement of their next term they will be blocked from class.
  11. Blocked from class
  • Students failing to pay outstanding fees by the Monday morning of week 1 of the term will result in these students being temporarily blocked from attending classes.
  • Under this circumstance, students will be requested to immediately report to Student Services Manager to resolve this issue. Under this circumstance, attendance monitoring of the students will continue to be effective, and students will be marked absent for the period that they are blocked until the issue is resolved. 
  1. Certificates, Statement of Attainment, Transcripts, Letter of Completion, etc

12.1     Where a certificate is issued for any given course; a letter of completion and official transcript of results related to the course, will also be generated and presented to the student at no charge.

12.2     Where replacements are required in relation to Clause 12.1 above – that is, certificate, letter of completion and transcript of results – there will be a charge of $80.

12.3     Where ONLY a replacement certificate is required in relation to Clause 12.1 above, there will be a charge of $70 per document.

12.4     Where replacements are required for letters of completions and transcripts in relation to Clause 12.1 above, $5 will be charged for each document.

12.5     With the exception of Clause 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 above, where students specifically request for documents such as, letter of completion, progress report, invitation letter, enrolment letter, notice of holidays etc, $5 will be charged for each document. 

12.6     Statement of Attainment will be issued to students at no charge provided the student has paid in full for the tuition related to the units of competency to be shown on the Statement of Attainment.

  • Except where 12.1 apply, transcript of results will not be issued at any time.
  1. Charges for reassessment are as follows:



Charge Amount


 Student repeats a unit outside scheduled term periodA$ 10.00* per nominal hour of unitA$ 10.00* per nominal hour of unit

Plagiarism or a repeat of an assessment for critical aspects of evidence or failure to attend catch up in week 10

A$ 50.00 per assessmentA$ 50.00 per assessment

Non submission of a unit of competency  within a scheduled delivery period – therefore student needs to repeat unit


A$ 10.00* per nominal hour of unitA$ 10.00* per nominal hour of unit
Re-assessment of an individual assessment with in a scheduled unit during the term after the number of resubmissions have been exhausted.A$ 50.00 per assessmentA$ 50.00 per assessment


 The total cost of repeating a unit is based on the nominal hours of the unit – these vary from 12 to 100 hours – see the individual qualification course outline for the listed nominal hours per unit.

  1. Impact of Outstanding Fees

14.1     Certificates or transcripts – These will not be issued until all outstanding fees relating to the student’s course or qualification have been paid.


14.2     Suspension or Cancellation of Enrolment – Under clause 11 above, where students fail to pay their fees and/or do not report to Student Services to resolve the issue, ANIBT may initiate suspension or cancellation of the student’s enrolment as per ANIBT’s Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy. Where this takes place, the student has 20 days to access into ANIBT’s internal complaints and appeals process in accordance with ANIBT’s Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy and ANIBT’s Appeals Process Policy.


14.3     Change of Class and/or Course Variation Requests Denied – Requests for Change of Class, and/or Course Variation Requests will be denied and will not be processed until payment has been made.


  1. Refund and Cancellation fees


15.1     Enrolment fees, Accommodation Placement Fees and Airport Pickup fees are non-refundable.


15.2     All tuition fees less $250.00 Administration fee will be refunded if the application for an initial student visa is rejected where the student is not yet studying at ANIBT. Proof of refusal must be provided no later than two weeks after the date of refusal, otherwise normal cancellation fees will be charged.


15.3     Tuition fees will not be refunded if a student visa is cancelled or refused by the relevant authority due to non-compliance on the part of the student with the rules and regulations set by the Australian government. This applies where the student is already enrolled and studying at ANIBT.


15.4     No reduction in tuition fees for students who arrive after course commencement will be considered, however the student’s CoE will be adjusted to reflect the new finish date and the student will complete the missed units at the end of their study period.


15.5     A student whose enrolment is terminated by ANIBT will not be entitled to any fee refund.


15.6     Notification of cancellation/withdrawal from unit/s, withdrawal or deferral from a course of study must be made in writing to ANIBT. Under these circumstances cancellation fees will be applied – please refer to Clause 15.9 for details of cancellation/withdrawal fees.


15.7     Where applicable, a refund will be paid within 20 working days after receiving a written notice from the student; and a statement explaining how the refund is calculated will be included upon request.


15.8     Material fees for the current course being studied are NON-REFUNDABLE after Course Commencement Date.


15.9     Where students apply for cancellation/withdrawal, the following cancellation fees will apply.


15.9.1 All cancellations/withdrawal will attract a fee of $250.00 for administration costs


15.9.2 Before course commencement date of course


More than 10 weeks                              A $250.00.


Between 4 and 10 weeks                      A $250.00 plus 50% of tuition paid as per the individual’s student agreement


Less than 4 weeks                                   A $250.00 plus 75% of tuition paid as per the individual’s student agreement


15.9.3 After Course Commencement date of course


During 1st term of course                      

A $250.00 plus 100% of tuition paid as per the individual’s student agreement


During 2nd term of course before close of business week 7


A $250.00 plus 100% of tuition paid as per the individual’s student agreement


After close of business week 7 of 2nd term of course


A $250.00 plus 100% of 3rd term tuition fees.


Before close of business week 7 of subsequent terms


A $250.00 plus remainder of current term’s tuition fees.


After close of business week 7 of subsequent terms


A $250.00 plus 100% of the next terms tuition fees.


15.10   Exemptions to Clause 15.8 and Clause 15.9 may only occur where there are extenuating or compassionate grounds, as determined by the CEO of ANIBT.


15.11   In the event of any disagreement between the parties, the dispute resolution process of ANIBT does not circumscribe the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.


15.12   This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.


  1. Procedures for Refund


16.1     A refund entitlement is based on a student having met all fees policy requirements.

16.2     Students will be required to apply for a refund in writing.

            16.3     Students with outstanding fees will be unable to claim a refund.

16.4     On a withdrawal or cancellation application authorization signatures are required from all the following:

  • The Manager of Compliance and Special Projects
  • The Chief Executive Officer

            16.5     All refund cases and applications will be reviewed by the Campus Manager for approval to accounts     within 5 working days

16.6     Refunds are via internet transfer or a company cheque.

 16.7     Allow 20 working days for receipt of refund.




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