Creating Custom Page Templates for Global Use #Creating Custom Page Templates for Global Use
Sometimes you’ll want a template that can be used globally by any page, or by multiple pages. Some developers will group their templates with a filename prefix, such as page_two-columns.php

Alert: Important! Do not use page- as a prefix, as WordPress will interpret the file as a specialized template, meant to apply to only one page on your site.

For information on theme file-naming conventions and filenames you cannot use, see reserved theme filenames.

Tip: A quick, safe method for creating a new page template is to make a copy of page.php and give the new file a distinct filename. That way, you start off with the HTML structure of your other pages and you can edit the new file as needed.

To create a global template, write an opening PHP comment at the top of the file that states the template’s name.


It’s a good idea to choose a name that describes what the templa